The Teenagers of the Left

I did not want to get sidetracked on the last post, so I broke some of my thoughts out here.  That last post was about the deliberate and nefarious act of silencing the right through intimidation and false charges.

However, there is another way that conservatives are silenced. On many occasions, we simply silence ourselves. At a cocktail party, in a bar, a living room, a meeting, a sporting event, or any random gathering of adults; while the liberals blather on, we smile a thin smile and decline the opportunity to correct the rude, ignorant, and often hateful discourse they present.

In silence, we give up our our right to free speech.  Oh, we tell ourselves we are simply being polite; respectful; avoiding confrontation. But really, we are just letting ignorant people override our rights.  And, in doing so, we are losing.

Oh, I get the concept that you can’t fix stupid.  But that does not mean you have to tolerate it. 

What we failed to realize was that we were not dealing with adults or adult behavior or adult discourse.  We were dealing with kids.

Actually, not just kids, but the worst kind of kids: teenagers.  Rude.  Self-centered.  No respect for the opinion of others.  Driven by a need to find acceptance by their peers.  Easily succumbing to groupthink.  Petulant, whiney, spoiled, arrogant, condescending, obnoxious, hormone-driven, poo-flinging denizens of society.  Tolerated by adults mostly from the realization that they will eventually grow out of it and the sympathy that we find in our hearts because we were all young and stupid once.

(Of course, many teenagers are not all that bad.  And eventually, most teenagers do grow up.  Thank God.)

But the rest?  Ugh. '

Liberals are just teenagers who have failed adolescence.


Imagine you are at a friends house, and his teen son comes home, stomping around, all outraged, complaining, “You are never going to believe how rude and wrong this cop was!  I did not deserve that ticket!”  Since you are not their parent, this is not your responsibility.  Further, out of respect to their (currently absent) parent, most people would usually just remain silent, or make non-committal grunts, while hoping that his parents will soon handle this mess. 

In other words, you would show the same reaction to the ranting’s of a petulant teenager as you do the the ignorant ranting's of a liberal: non-committal noises and changing the subject when possible. 

But what if it was your teen?  Your reaction is different.

You know you have to say something, or he will be convinced he was right.  It would reinforce his belief that someone was out to get him, and that he is the victim of a flawed system.  So, as a parent is wont to do, you have to have the discussion that needs to be had.  The avoidance of conflict would only make the problem worse.  And, the moment you begin to talk, begin to correct his understanding of the situation, the conflict begins.  The teenager will try avoidance, play the victim, name calling, claim unfairness, throw a tantrum, and refuse to accept responsibility.

Liberals do not realize it, but that is what they sound like.  That is what arguing with them is like.  Liberals are like spoiled little teenage monsters. 

However, they are not kids, so we really do not need to be polite and silent.  We need to fight.  This is #WAR and we will not win by being polite and silent.

The next time your are in a social situation and some liberal goes off on Palin, Bush, Cheney, Romney, or any other Republican, speak up.  You have the right to free speech, as do they.  And if you refuse to act on your right, you will lose it.  We will lose.  It does not matter if you agree with some of what they say about Bush (or whomever), you have to defend our team.

As was stated at RightOnline, leave no soldier behind on the battlefield.

Righteous Indignation

In the 90’s I had a political column in one of the LA area newspapers. It was not a paid gig, just a way for me to start expressing myself about all of the things I thought were going wrong with the country. Clinton was President, there was much going wrong.

It did not take long for the first letter to the editor to appear labeling me a racist for my conservative views. That is how the left fights their battles, with unfair and volatile vitriol, intended to silence their opponents. In order to kill free speech.

My constitutional right of free speech was being trampled on by liberals. Not a new story, obviously. Just a tactic.

Wait, what?!? A tactic? One of the most fundamental rights we have as Americans can be limited just because someone else wants to win a minor political battle? Yes. That was the state of politics, for as long as I can remember. For more information on this, read Righteous Indignation by one of my heroes, Andrew Breitbart.

Eventually, I felt the needs of my family and my business were more important than my need to express my political opinions, and I “retired” from politics.

However, when I noticed that liberals felt it easy and acceptable to express enormously wrong and offensive opinions about public figures just because they were conservative, I realized something: We had let them shame us into silence, and our lack of defense of our own was killing our side.  Like Breitbart, I realized there was a #WAR going on, and I was no longer willing to stand idly by.

It’s been said that the worst thing about George W. Bush’s presidency is Barack Obama.  While there is some truth to the responsibility his administration has for not defending themselves, there is blame enough to be shared.  We all sat around at those social gatherings listening to our liberal friends say the most hateful ugly and untrue things about Bush: “Blood for Oil,” “Bush Lied, People Died,” and blaming him for the housing bubble, the first bailout (another topic, but it was NOT Bush’s responsibility), and on and on.  Bush was evil.  We all sat around and let our friends, coworkers, and even random strangers bag on our President (and by extension, Republican's in general) because we were almost as mad at him ourselves.  For completely different reasons, but nonetheless we were mad, so we were silent. 

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

By the time they started in on Sarah Palin, I, like many conservatives, had begun to realize we could no longer afford to be silent.  There is still that inside-the-beltway Republican establishment that falls prey to the “Palin is just a ditz” meme, but out in Realville, real Americans are fighting mad.

During this process, I picked out a domain name, created a site, and picked around the edges of how I was going to stop being silent.  Over the weekend, at RightOnline, I realized it was time to stop picking at it and start doing it. 

I met a lot of great people, some of whom I have admired for several years now, and others I have only just begun to know.  Thanks everyone for your encouragement.  A special thanks to Steven Green (Vodka Pundit) for the great entrance, helpful advice, and putting my card in his wallet instead of his pocket; Mike Opelka (at The Blaze) for a random act of kindness, Laura Gatz for upstaging Stephen Kruiser (not an easy thing to do), Donlyn Turnbull for a truly eye opening site, and great conversations with Bill Whittle, Jon FleischmanJavier Manjarres, Stacy Washington, Fingers Malloy, and of course Jim Hoft.

Again, thanks everyone.


A special shout out to a very supportive friend and a talented artist who was not at the event, so I still have not gotten the chance to meet him in person, Chris Muir.

The Birth of the Tea Party: Reagan’s Funeral

As I post about my weekend at RightOnline, I want to start by talking about the Reagan funeral.  Not because it was the beginning of my decision to start writing about politics (it wasn’t), but because I believe in many ways it was the begging of the Tea Party movement.

Reagan’s funeral at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley was an exciting and eye opening experience to me.  There was an hours-long line just to park your car, another to get on a bus to take you up to the library, and yet another line at the top to view the casket.

The press accounts at the time did not accurately describe this process, probably not because of any bias, but because the media skipped the first two-thirds of this line and went straight to the top for the final viewing.

I was there, it took 12 hours to wait through all of these lines.  I talked to others who had waited even longer.

Have you ever watched a check-out line with even a five minute wait?  Or the long lines at Disneyland or even for a popular movie?

People get hostile, short tempered, rude, and above all: unhappy.

Now, imagine 12 hours of lines for a 30 second opportunity to pay your respects at a funeral.  And not one complaint.  And everyone was HAPPY to be there.

This was the beginning of the Tea Party.

Not because everyone was polite, or patient.  But, because they were happy to wait.  Happy to be there.  Excited to meet all of these other people that shared their passion about Reagan, about conservatism.  I have never spent a more enjoyable day in line, getting to know complete strangers, than that day.  There was not line-cutting or complaints, or anything other than a lot of mutual respect.

Here are some of the pictures I took with my phone that day:



This was the Tea Party.  They just didn’t know it yet.

RightOnline Invigorates the Blogosphere

This is the first of several posts as I settle down for Fathers Day, back in the comfort of my home after a long and exciting weekend in Las Vegas at the RightOnline convention.  What an amazing event.  So much to talk about, but I will start with this: As I drove home last night, I realized I need to make the time commitment to take this site to the next level, and fight the good fight. 


Conservatives have to fight.  This is #WAR, a fact clearly obvious in the clip I saw from the upcoming documentary Hating Breitbart that chronicles Andrew’s Breitbart’s realization that the left has declared war on conservatives.

And, if war is what they want, #WAR is what they will get. 

Which also means I have to get a Twitter account.  The things I do for you people.

Anyway, Happy Fathers Day to All.  More to come.

Live from RightOnline

Updating this from the Venetian, my old home away from home, at the RightOnline event.  Here’s a picture with Michelle Malkin at the book signing for her book Culture of Corruption.


Michelle was there along with the equally beautiful Katie Pavlich, signing her incredible book on Fast and Furious.


Now to the Breitbart tribute…

The Economy is Fine

H/T Instapundit for the photoshop of the week.

Joy Behar Wants to See Romney’s House Burning Down

This is what passes for civil speech on the left.

BEHAR: I mean, I’d like to see [Romney’s] house burn, one of his millions of houses burning down. Who's he going to call, the Mormon fire patrol?

Still holding my breath for an apology from Obama.

Troll Hunting

I have not allowed commenters on this site as yet.  The site technology allows it, but I have not been ready to deal with the side issues.  Trolls.  There are simply “issues” if I allow random strangers the right to “free speech” under my name (not a pseudonym as with many bloggers).  Heck, I paid for this microphone.  

Freedom is not free, not even free speech. 

While most people, and most legal rulings to date, understand the difference between a site and a comment, there are too many people still that try for fifteen minute of fame by obfuscating that difference.

I do not have much time for this, unfortunately, so I have been unwilling to spend the time needed to fully police the activities of commenters. 

As I consider opening the door to commenters, I came across this post by Moe Lane, highlighting the issue and my concerns.  Of course, Ace is also influential on my thinking.  A little know fact is that I still have an active account with Chuckles, left over from when I was just familiarizing myself with the blogging world.  For those in the know about blogging ethics, there is a fine line (ok, a HUGE line) between firing a troll and banning people just because they have opinions you don’t agree with.

If I decide to allow commenters, all I can say is that I will be tougher on trolls than most.  Not because I disagree, but because they are not my target market.  I do not have time educate those that are only seeking to make trouble.  I barely have time to try and educate those that really want to learn.

Open minds will find open doors.  Closed minds won’t even realize the reason they were shut out.

Allen West: Obama Supporters are a Threat to the Gene Pool

This was an Allen West quote from a year ago, but seems appropriate and timely now, given the number of truly stupid statements I have seen lately from Obama and his supporters, especially the Occupy Movement:

(h/t Theo Spark)

I can summarize this another way:  Informed * Intelligent * Liberal –> Pick Two

Now buried in the main stream media is the terrorism of the Occupy Movement last month,

The FBI arrested five people in a federal sting operation in which FBI agents provided inoperable explosives to suspects allegedly intending to bomb a bridge about 15 miles south of Cleveland. The suspects, Douglas Wright, 26, Brandon Baxter, 20, and Anthony Hayne, 35, are described as self-proclaimed anarchists in a Justice Department statement. All three are connected to the Occupy Cleveland group.

Douglas Wright, Brandon Baxter, Anthony Hayne, Joshua Stafford, Connor Stevens
H/T: News Busters and

Or, the Occupy NYC “Black Bloc” leaders:

Or, Occupy Oakland and their protestors:

Which reminded me of a mug shot viral email floating around (the sourcing of which means that you can’t be sure these are actual mug shots, but after everything else seen in the Occupy Movement, it seems a reasonable assumption):


Silencing Speech


Thanks, Ace



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