Lies, damned lies, and statistics

Or, as Rush Limbaugh phrases it, “If It's Thursday... We Have Revised Jobless Numbers.”


Much like Michael Mann, the Obama administration is trying to hide the decline.

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

Who is Funding Kimberlin?

I think there is a bigger story to the heinous activities of Brett Kimberlin.  As I mentioned yesterday, the Left already owns the Kimberlin saga.  However, it’s always educational to follow the money.

Brett Kimberlin: Meet the Soros Funded Domestic Who Is Terrorizing Bloggers Into SilenceThe left has been using donor-advised charities like Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund as a conduit for anonymous donations to criminals like Kimberlin, in order to use them as hatchet men. It is time to shame such institutions into a little more responsibility. 

As of this moment, Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund is unwilling to identify the source of the funds they gave to the convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin.  This is a particularly interesting position for them to take since they have patented this process, and the reality is they actually can decide NOT to fund a charity that is unacceptable, even if it is IRS approved.

Where you’re just inches away from being a money laundering scheme, you should probably keep better company.

Meanwhile, we are now open to speculate which of their many donors was involved in Kimberlin’s shameful tactics.

Do any of their many legitimate donors even know their money is comingled in a fund that funnels money to domestic terrorists?

Along those lines, let’s also look at the political donations their parent company, Fidelity Investments, made.  How many of these politicians know they are taking money from a company that runs a fund that funnels money to terrorists?

Does Martha Coakley know she is in now tied to funding domestic terrorism?  I’d bet no one would be happy to have such company even second or third hand.  But that’s what you get when you associate with companies that enable domestic terrorists to hide their funding sources.

Funny thing about turning on the lights – the roaches begin to scatter. 

Left: Without Credibility or Shame

One of the downsides of blogging as a hobby as opposed to a profession is that I only manage to make time for writing when something really strikes me as important.

This is important.

The Left simply has no credibility or shame left.  Given a known, convicted, domestic terrorist, a bomber who maimed innocent people, anyone with a desire to remain credible or avoid the shame of guilt by association would run away from and condemn the man: Brett Kimberlin.  Instead, the Left is funding him, embracing him, and forwarding him as a champion of their cause. 

Brett Kimberlin is a menace.  People like him have learned to work the system, hugging the shadows to avoid the light of justice.  Worse, he is one of the many rabid dogs kept chained by his masters on the Left, who unleash him on those that dare to disagree with their socialist ideals and goals.

I had been following much of the recent developments on his continuing harassment and threats.  But I was shocked to discover how far back his antics go, and how much damage he has done on behalf of his Masters.  H/T to the American Thinker for spotting the connection to Brett Kimberlin as the original source behind the (since discredited) rumors that Dan Quayle was a habitual drug user.

And yes, I feel comfortable stating that this is a shame that belongs to the entire Left, including the Democratic Party, the Clinton’s, and the current Obama Administration.

Brett Kimberlin has been funded by:

Barbara Streisand
The Heinz Family Foundation
Tides Foundation
Nathan Cummings Foundation

…and many othersGeorge Soros is closely tied with funding many of these connections.

It is way too late for any of those individuals to claim they were ignorant.  This story is NOT that new.  What is new is simply this story received the light and attention it should have had 20 years ago with his lies about Dan Quayle.  If it takes the light of day on an issue to make you admit you were wrong, especially this wrong, then you have no excuse, you have to share the burden of guilt by association. 

Until and unless there is a complete repudiation of this piece of slime by everyone associated with funding him, then the Left has completely lost their credibility.  Shame on them all.



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