Why Drudge is Still the Man

imageTo quote Instapundit, heh. With all the ups and downs of the primary season, I was waiting for a tipping point.  With Rubio’s endorsement of Romney, we have reached that tipping point.

The funny thing to me was that Drudge Report was linked to Fox News on their coverage of the endorsement, but the browser cache was such that when Drudge linked to the story, it brought up a new Fox News headline that was not on my already open Fox News page.  Drudge was so fast, he beat my browser refresh (and Fox News site’s own refresh).

Anyway, this means it’s over, Romney will be the nominee.

Rampant Liberalism Killing the Economy

Here is an impressive depressing summary of just one day’s worth of news regarding government intervention in our economy, with the obvious result being the continuing recession, brought to you by David Boaz of the Cato Institute.

H/T Instapundit

I am Andrew Breitbart

The conservative movement is intent on remembering how valuable Andrew Breitbart is to the movement.


If I was President, I would make a speech before a joint session of Congress, demanding that Bin Laden be delivered within 48 hours to the steps of the White House--alive, dead or just his fucking head in a burlap bag, I don't care. If not, then I suggest that all you assholes in Kabul lather up with some SPF 5,000, strap on some welding goggles and take a gander to the East, because we're gonna fire a little 400 kiloton shot over the bow, so to speak.

Then came the emails. And the Follows. 1,000 in about an hour. My jaws clenched, tears blurred my vision as I typed (as they blur them now as I type): My hero is dead. Andrew Breitbart is dead.
Long live Andrew Breitbart.

Robot Quadrotors Performing the James Bond Theme

H/T Gizmag

Rush’s tribute to Breitbart

In Memoriam

Andrew Breitbart, RIP

I wish I had more time right now to say more about the unexpected death of a great conservative fighter, Andrew Breitbart, who collapsed and passed away suddenly last night here in Los Angeles.

I only met him once, and barely had a chance to speak to him, but I am a great admirer of his life and his dedication to the conservative movement.

His book Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I save the World! is a deeply personal tour through his life and how he came to the belief that journalism, and much of society, is broken.  To his credit, after realizing this, he set out to do something about it. 

I only hope he was far enough in his plans that his battle will continue though his web sites, Big Journalism, Big Government, and the others.

Rest in Peace, Andrew, and thank you for fighting for all of us.



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