Newt and Geeks

I’ve been busy, so not a lot of posting lately.  Ok, no posts.  Part of this was the Primaries have caught my attention, and I don’t like any of the candidates.  Mostly though, I really have been busy.  It turns out I have a company to run.  Who knew?

However, with Newt’s recent upset in South Carolina, I began to see some hope in the race.  Ever since Fred Thompson, I have been waiting for a candidate willing to fight for conservative principles.  I was not happy about McCain, but when he selected Sarah Palin, I was ecstatic, hoping finally for a campaign of ideas.  A fight.  Unfortunately, McCain shut the Palin camp up, and eventually lost while trying to be the nice guy.

It is not that conservatives think Newt is our spokesman.  He blew that over the past several years with his lack of knowledge on Global Warming, one of the touchstones we use to determine who is really a conservative.  I could list other examples, but the point is that Newt has not been a great representative of conservative thought in the past decade.

However, he can articulate conservative thoughts, which makes him valuable to us.  And, as he has now demonstrated, he is willing to fight for those principles, making him a lot more interesting than Perry was, or Santorum, for that matter.

Now, I bring all of that up only to change the subject.  For the real geeks out there, check out this intensely technical discussion regarding Equation 8 in Global Warming discussions. 

Now, to the point:  How can I tie Newt into pure geek conservative?  I believe that Newt is willing to learn where he is wrong, and is able to change his mind.  My guess is that he is the only current candidate that could wade through a technical discussion like this and emerge from the far side with an actual opinion based on reason.  I can’t see Santorum engaging in this discussion, nor Romney.  As a result, I think they are both too subject to the opinions of their handlers.  I discount Ron Paul, as obviously I do Obama.  That leaves Newt as the only choice I see as a candidate able to make the difficult decisions we now face.  To fight the necessary fight.

So, unless or until we get Palin through a brokered convention, I am now ready to make an endorsement: Newt Gingrich.



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