Frank and Fraud

For those of you who thought that Barney Frank was retiring just to avoid a tough re-election, there is this bit of news: SEC Charges Ex-Fannie, Freddie CEOs With Fraud

Just a reminder, Barney Frank not only setup the circumstances to allow this fraud, he also successfully killed the much needed oversight to prevent such abuse.


Even the Canadians understand Frank has to go

Chris Dodd slouched away in a similar manner, for much the same reasons.

One can only hope that Maxine Waters is right behind them, as she was another significant player behind the worst financial crisis this country has seen.

Intelligent Design and the God Particle

From Michael Gerson at the Washington Post, here is a great column on the hunt for the Higgs boson (more commonly known as the God Particle).  The search for the Higgs boson is related to fundamental physics, and Gerson explains the reason that so many physicists remain open to the idea of theism and Intelligent Design.

Not only does the universe unexpectedly correspond to mathematical theories, it is self-organizing — from biology to astrophysics — in unlikely ways. The physical constants of the universe seem finely tuned for the emergence of complexity and life. Slightly modify the strength of gravity, or the chemistry of carbon, or the ratio of the mass of protons and electrons, and biological systems become impossible. The universe-ending Big Crunch comes too soon, or carbon isn’t produced, or suns explode.

The wild improbability of a universe that allows us to be aware of it seems to demand some explanation.



The Guardian has more on the Higgs boson, that will help in understanding why this is such an important topic.

And here is another good summary from Asian Science magazine.

It is the wild improbability of so many “just right” features of the universe that leads to speculation of a designer. The alternative theories are, frankly, even harder to believe (or prove). 

One theory I particularly like is the counter-intuitive realization that intelligence is a form of reverse entropy.  Isaac Asimov wrote a great story, The Last Question, that describes this theory. 

We’re not in Kansas anymore

Frankly, the portion of the scientific community that pushes political views as “science” is as dangerous as a dirty politician.  For much the same reason.  In fact, both groups appear to be motivated more by personal greed than they do political views.  Both groups belong in jail (after a thorough public shaming).

It is time to look behind that curtain.

Here’s a nice summary of the corruption from the National Association of Scholars.

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My favorite #OCCUPYFAIL spoof

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