The Power to Punish Opponents

Big Government has an interesting story regarding an ongoing abuse of power directed against the Tea Party in Richmond.

Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

Time for a short education. H/t Hot Air

Five minutes to a better understanding of the choices we now face.

Just #So?

Watch this.  From Nerds4Cain.

Some things are more curious than others

I hope NASA spent as much on the Rover as they did on this incredible video.  Introducing the NASA Curiosity Rover.

Debating the affect of debates

As posted previously, I still think that the explanation for Rick Perry’s campaign fade has more to do with the fact he never connected with the base than his debate performances.  Oh, the base flirted with him.  But it never evolved; there was never enthusiasm. 

Then Sarah Palin spoke about crony capitalism, and it reached a tipping point.  Suddenly, conservatives had a way to frame their general unease with Perry, and he was bound to fail. 

Enthusiastic supporters will overlook debate gaffes and other minor issues.  Unenthusiastic ones quickly change horses.

We all stumble for words on occasion.  Very few people have the enthusiastic support necessary to survive several lackluster performances followed by a gaffe like this, and Perry is not one of them.  I only hope he is careful about his endorsement as he leaves the race, likely after Iowa.

On the other hand, Newt continues to surprise many of us who had long ago written him off.

The smartest political move I have ever in this election cycle was the obviously choreographed timing by Newt’s daughter refuting the infamous charge that about divorcing his wife on her death-bed.  Coming right when it did, the conservative base was at their most open to give Newt a second look.  As a result, his numbers are rising.

On the other hand, Romney is also looking stronger, just by staying above the fray.

The Racism of the Democratic Party

H/T Theo Spark 

This is why it is offensive to have Democrats cry “racism”. They ARE the racists.


H/T Theo Spark

(update)  For those of you who think that the Occupy Movement is patriotic in any way, let’s look at the participants.

Official List of Occupy Wall Street: Supporters, Sponsors, Sympathizers:

Communist Party, USA
American Nazi Party
Revolutionary Communist Party
Industrial Workers of the World
International Bolshevik Tendency
International Socialist Organization
Marxist Student Union
Freedom Road Socialist Organization
Party for Socialism and Liberation
The Revolutionary Guards of Iran
Communist Party of China
Louis Farrakhan, National of Islam
Black Panthers

Now, what kind of person would support ANY idea that all of those groups agreed on?

President Barack Obama
Vice President Joe Biden
Former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi

(update) Including the OWS Rap Sheet (h/t Big Government)

Why Cain is Leading the Polls?

With so many conservatives questioning the relevancy of Herman Cain, it is important to ask – Why is he topping so many polls?  What happened to Rick Perry?

Two words: Sarah Palin.  Want a different set of two words?  Crony Capitalism.



Sarah Palin’s Crony Capitalism Speech

With one speech, Sarah Palin demonstrated once again that she is the closest thing to a spokesperson that the Tea Party has.  In doing so, she gave voice to the frustration we all feel at sending our own congressman back to office again and again, and expecting different results.  Washington is corrupted, and we need to deal with it. 

With one speech, Sarah Palin cut the legs out from underneath Rick Perry’s campaign.  He never knew what hit him.

Which is strange to consider, because Perry was supposed to be the Tea Party alternative to Mitt Romney, RINO.

The Perry camp is blaming lackluster debate performances, but that was not it.  The Tea Party does not pick candidates from debates.  The Tea Party picks candidates based on whether a candidate will fight for Tea Party values.  Without mentioning him by name, Palin connected Perry to crony capitalism, and it was over for his campaign.

So, count Perry out.  What about the others?  Tim Pawlenty lacks spine. Michele Bachmann blew it when she embraced the fraud about autism linked to vaccinations.  Ron Paul remains a major flake.  Santorum, Johnson, and Huntsman have never been serious contenders.

So, as legitimate challengers to Romney, that leaves Newt Gingrich, who is on the rise because of all this, and Herman Cain

Newt is playing the campaign a lot smarter now, obviously experience counts, but in the long run he already burned his bridges with the Tea Party.  He may not be a crony capitalist, but he sure is a politician.  Which means he won’t satisfy the base, and can’t win the nomination.

So, in my opinion, it falls to Herman Cain as the last man standing to go against Romney. 

Who will win between them is still a tough prediction.  Romney is experienced with a better organization.  But Cain has the Tea Party.

In a few months, this will all be decided.  If Cain wins, political analysts will eventually trace it all back to a single speech by Sarah Palin.

Robot shows the way to more versatile crawling machines

…Not to mention it would be a cool toy!

Herman Cain has the National Press Club Singing his Praise

It may not answer all the questions, but it answered whether Cain was up to facing the media.
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