Knowing there are people out there who will vote for this guy is truly scary.  It’s the political equivalent of the Streetlight Effect

Check out his “success story” in education, welfare and taxes, and his ACORN coverup.

He tried to hide behind Clinton, of all people.  Now he lies about lying.

He is the biggest flake in the country.  And yet people are going to vote for him.  Scary.

BrietbartTV, VIA Greg Hengler

Is it finally time to defund NPR?

The Juan Williams firing was unapologetic political correctness and smells deeply of censorship. 

Remember when Obama first explained that his grandmother was a racist, then defended her?

He first said his Grandmother was a “typical white person,” who feared “black men who passed by her” 

In full context, it appeared he called her a racist.

He then clarified that his grandmother was not a racist, and she did not “harbor any racial animosity,” but she had a “reaction that has been bred into our experience.

The calls to defund NPR have started back up.  Perhaps it’s time.  Our tax dollars should not be used to promote political correctness and censorship.  Not to mention bad science.

Life = Risk

H/T Theo Spark



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