Dancing with the one that brought you.

Many fine folks are peeved with Palin over her announced support for McCain’s reelection campaign.  I'm not.  McCain brought her to the national spotlight, and dancing with the one that brought you is a sign of a good character.

My suggestion for those of you who are upset with Palin over this is to send a donation to both JD Hayworth and to SarahPAC

Ellen Degeneres and John McCain talk about Barack Obama and gay marriage

McCain is already targeting Hayworth with an email blast to his supporters:

Unfortunately, J.D. Hayworth has a record of talking like a conservative, but voting like a liberal on fiscal issues.

If he had only been half as tough in criticizing Obama, he might have actually won.

Air America Bankrupt

Liberal Talk Radio failed.  Bankrupt.  That’s what happens to dumb ideas managed by people who hate business.


Let’s hope the Tea Party movement can take back congress before the left bankrupts the whole country with their asinine naiveté.  

Bipartisan Democrats are Extinct

The left is so partisan they can’t even compromise with themselves on their own health bill.  Pelosi announced today that:

"In its present form without any changes I don't think it's possible to pass the Senate bill in the House, I don't see the votes for it at this time."

At the same time, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters there have been White House meetings focusing on a scenario that “merges the House and Senate products.”

Pelosi’s Democrats can’t accept the health bill by Reid’s Democrats, and vice versa. 

My question is, how are Republicans supposed to cut a bipartisan compromise with Democrats when the Democrats can’t even work out a partisan compromise amongst themselves? 

Remember this the next time a Dem squeals about wanting the GOP to act in a bipartisan manner.  It isn’t about compromise for Democrats, its about power.

A final thought.  What is the difference between the Republican threat to use the Nuclear Option and Democrats making the same threat?  The Democrats only purpose was to wield power.  They want to force an entirely partisan bill through the Senate in the face of 100% Republican opposition.  The Republican threat was solely to release the logjam of Bush judicial nominees that were being blocked by Democrats, who refused to even allow the confirmation votes to occur, because they knew they could not even hold their own party together on those votes.

Dems dazed and confused, but still dangerous

Barney Frank backpedals.  Pelosi pushes.  Reid runs.


The likelihood is that Pelosi will push health care forward, trying to place the blame on Reid and the Senate for its failure. 

How do those teabags taste now, Keith?


It’s a beautiful morning.  Some have coffee.  I prefer diet coke.

And Keith Olbermann is having tea.  How do those teabags taste now, Keith?

More Lies

How can you believe the FBI got actionable intelligence from an isolated extremist?  More analysis from the Weekly Standard.



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