Bonus Hypocrisy

Barack Obama 1Obama criticizes ‘fat-cat’ bankers for giving out bonuses. 

He neglects to mention the increase in government bonuses and salaries in these hard times.

Climategate: Follow the Money

It’s always a good idea to follow the money.  Basically, thanks to government funding, we created a bunch of climate whores.

The Robots are Blowing

An astonishing demonstration of creative robotics.

Darwin Zero, Smoking Gun Won

First off, I am not even going to try and explain the headline.  Read the Darwin Zero report from Willis Eschenbach at the informativeWatts Up With That site by Anthony Watts.  You’ll either get it or you won’t.  That’s part of the problem with liberals, they are too lazy to do the research, they trust their opinions and the opinions of friends, and ignore anything that contradicts them.  

Want to be right?  Read the link.  It won’t take all that long, and this is important. 

The following graph is the smoking gun, showing just how artificially the Climategate crowd has been altering the raw data to make it fit.  The black line jumping every 20 years was averaged into raw data to turn a temperature decline into an increase.

Even before Climategate, there was more than enough information available for a curious person to satisfy their self that global warming, if any, was not man made and certainly not caused by CO2

In other words, Climategate is only simplifying the fraud down to a level where even the MSM can understand it.  Which may force the ones that value what little reputation they have left to do a little actual research and reporting.

The rest of us, the smart ones, had already looked into the the issues such as C02 lagging behind warming periods (or here), the lack of automobiles during the Medieval Warming Period, and the failure of climate models to include either fluctuations in solar output or the effect of clouds (or here). 

Basically, for quite some time, you had to be a fool to believe in AGW.  To still believe, you need to admit it’s a religion, not science.

Senator Reid Criticizes Democrats for Defending Slavery

reid gone!So I see Harry Reid is finally acknowledging the historical racism of Democrats.  Ok, maybe that wasn’t exactly what he said. But, frankly, it would have been a more historically accurate.  Perhaps Reid is feeling the heat?

“Hide the decline” and Climategate explained

From the American Thinker come an in-depth exploration of the Climategate fraud, the lies used to push the idea of man-made global, as well as the tools and techniques used by the CRU and Michael Mann to “hide the decline”. 

The magical faraway tree - a larch in the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia, sampled by Dr Keith Briffa, has been called 'the most influential tree in the world'

On a related note, once again Americans need to turn to the British media to find information that the MSM has deemed unsuitable for the unwashed masses, as Climategate reveals “the most influential tree in the world.”



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