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The Strength of America

I was discussing this week’s events with a friend of mine who is starting a business.  Now, starting a business in a good economy is risky. Today, under Obama, it is an ugly risk.  I wish him the best, he’s a great guy – and brilliant.  I a...

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Obama Disses Jobs

Heh.  Could not resist the headline.  Check out the link for more humor on Obama’s War on Small Business. Romney is on fire over Obama’s statements denigrating the work that business owners put into their small businesses: The spark, for Romne...

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Obama Still Using Stale Tactics to Scare Voters

From the Romney Campaign, H/T Theo Spark

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Romney Needs to Focus on Jobs and the Economy

The number one problem facing the nation is not the cover-up of Fast and Furious, it is still the economy.  Romney needs to remain focused on that problem, and take every opportunity to been seen with new ideas and competence to fix the issues we f...

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Why Drudge is Still the Man

To quote Instapundit, heh. With all the ups and downs of the primary season, I was waiting for a tipping point.  With Rubio’s endorsement of Romney, we have reached that tipping point. The funny thing to me was that Drudge Report was linked to Fox Ne...

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Debating the affect of debates

As posted previously, I still think that the explanation for Rick Perry’s campaign fade has more to do with the fact he never connected with the base than his debate performances.  Oh, the base flirted with him.  But it never evolved; there was ...

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