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Reid Beclowns Himself

The utter disdain the left has for dissenting opinions is incredible. Watch as Harry Reid beclowns himself. Yet again. H/T The Blaze.

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Bipartisan Democrats are Extinct

The left is so partisan they can’t even compromise with themselves on their own health bill.  Pelosi announced today that: "In its present form without any changes I don't think it's possible to pass the Senate bill in the House, I don't see the vot...

Dems dazed and confused, but still dangerous

Barney Frank backpedals.  Pelosi pushes.  Reid runs.   The likelihood is that Pelosi will push health care forward, trying to place the blame on Reid and the Senate for its failure. 

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Senator Reid Criticizes Democrats for Defending Slavery

So I see Harry Reid is finally acknowledging the historical racism of Democrats.  Ok, maybe that wasn’t exactly what he said. But, frankly, it would have been a more historically accurate.  Perhaps Reid is feeling the heat?

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