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The Right Religion

So I’m reading up (again) on Obamacare, in between reading and posting comments on Flopping Aces, and I came across a debate between the Great One and Randy Barnett, as reviewed by Hugh Hewett.  Hugh had an interesting point regarding the reaction of...

Roberts’ Rules of Order

Well, perhaps Robert’s Rules of Order is too cute a title for a post on one of the most significant SCOTUS rulings of my lifetime, but then part of my point is that conservatives are having a hard time coming to grips with this ruling. There are those tha...

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Supreme Court Guts the Commerce Clause

Lost in the shuffle this morning is perhaps the most significant decision of the high court in decades, gutting the Commerce Clause. Keep in mind that every single person who predicted that the Supreme Court would uphold Obama Care was wrong, because eac...



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