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I do not think that word means what you think it means

So, Obama wants us to believe he is running the most transparent government ever.  I do not think that word means what he thinks it means.

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Too bad Obama never watched Andy Griffith

Yes, some things really are that simple

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Obama Scandal Bracket

Too funny not to share.  H/T Theo Spark.

IRS Targeting Tea Party

I haven’t posted for a while, but this is an attack on my home.  There is an angle on this that I have not seen anyone else focus on. The initial position of the IRS on why they targeted the Tea Party was that they were responding to media reports complaining about Tea Party activities.  I found this on Hot Air:



The key quote is in the middle of all the redacted area:

“According to media reports, some organizations were classified as I.R.C. § 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations but operated like political organizations.”

According to the initial defense raised by the IRS, they were only responding to media reports critical of Tea Party activities.  Well, I sleep better at night knowing that the selection criteria for IRS attention is based on the media’s opinion.  Come off it!  The MSM hates the Tea Party, of course there are articles critical of their activities.  It is so typical of this administration to blame Republicans for everything.  In this case, their position is that the Republican base of the Tea Party brought this upon themselves by being politically active.

This scandal will continue to expand. If this was the best they could do for a starting defense, can you imagine how bad the truth really is?

Mourning in America

This is not what I hoped to wake up to.


Apparently, there are more whining dependent-class Democrats than crawl over broken glass Republicans.  Good to know.

Now the work begins.

Another Drudge Juxtaposition

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Less than one month to go


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Obama has Failed

H/T to Stacy McCain and Americans for Prosperity for this painfully awkward and poignant video.

Obama Proves Campaign is Dead in the Water

Oh my.  I’ll bet his staff have some changes coming after this photo op:

Just how a bunch of dying farmland in the background helps the Obama case is beyond me…  According to Jim Hoft, the issue Obama was trying to make is that it is Republican’s fault that relief for farmers was not granted.  Except, of course, the bill in question died in the Democrat controlled Senate. 

H/T Drudge and Gateway Pundit.

Shame on Obama: Joe Soptic, lies, and the grey shirt

This now infamous video by the Obama Super PAC (Priorities USA) is one of the most offensive, misleading, and pathetic attempts at a smear to ever grace a political campaign.  Shame on Obama.  More shame on Obama and his miscreant surrogates for trying to deny knowledge and involvement.  The Obama campaign has already included Joe Soptic in official conference calls,and in official campaign videos (wearing the same grey shirt and featuring the same hard hat). 

Worse, the website features a slide quoting Joe Soptic, with the official Obama campaign comment making the same offensive and just plain wrong implication that Bain killed his wife:


A couple quick questions:  Was the Priorities USA video shot at the same time with the same crew as the Obama videos, or did they receive the raw footage from Obama’s campaign?  Isn’t it illegal to coordinate your official campaign with a Super PAC?

Here is the Priorities USA smear video, pay attention to the shirt at the hard hat in the background:

Now, look at the official campaign videos from Obama, with scenes that have Joe Soptic wearing the same shirt and with the same hard hat:

Watch the Grey Shirt and Hard Hat

Reality check.  Bain extended the life of GST Steel’s life by years.  The plant was closed because the militant actions of Joe Soptic’s union as they refused cuts necessary to compete with foreign steel. The plant closed years after Romney left Bain.  Joe Soptic’s wife had a job and medical insurance for at least a year after the plant closed.  Joe Soptic’s wife died six years later, having apparently been unaware or unwilling to seek treatment. 

Therefore, according to Obama, this is Romney’s fault.

Shame, Obama.  Shame.

Here is some more background on the union strike that set up the final days of GST Steel.

Contract talks foundered and the union went on strike in April 1997. The first standoff since 1959 quickly turned nasty. Workers shot bottle rockets at security guards, tossed nails in the roadways to flatten the tires of nonunion trucks and pounded on the windows of vehicles as they left the plant.

During that time, negotiation for the union were being handled by David Foster, now part of the Green Jobs fraud being foisted on our suffering economy.  I’d bet a little money there is a connection between David Foster, Joe Soptic, and the Obama campaign.


Via HotAir, here is the audio from the Obama campaign conference call of May 14, 2012, featuring Joe Soptic and Obama campaign official Stephanie Cutter:

Desperation time.



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