Another Drudge Juxtaposition

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One time, in band camp…

As a band geek, all I can say, is WOW.  This is the most impressive halftime show I have ever seen. H/T AJStrata for making me aware of this incredible performance by the Ohio State Marching Band.

Letting an Idiot Speak

Well, according to George Clooney, we have to let him speak:

Freedom of speech means you have to allow idiots to speak, and that’s the unfortunate thing

-- George Clooney, as quoted at

Thankfully, we have the First Amendment to protect us from such idiots.

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Less than one month to go


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Thank you for your service

Words do not express the depth of my emotion on this video. Watch it.

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Obama has Failed

H/T to Stacy McCain and Americans for Prosperity for this painfully awkward and poignant video.

Instapundit 2016, Twitter #REYNOLDS2016

They told me if I voted #REYNOLDS2016 I’d get my Instalanche.


Drudge Juxtaposition Victory

I’m back from a tough month, and look what I found… Another Drudge Juxtaposition.


What do these people all have in common?

Hint: It's not Capitalism.

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The Big Chill

I’ve been taking some time off blogging, but the new theory of the foundation of the universe being sort of a “big chill” instead of a “big bang” was too good to pass up.


Imagine the universe at the “beginning” was not a single point that exploded into a Big Band, but a pool of energy that expanded and froze during a Big Chill into three dimensions (four, including time).  Such a freezing would explain numerous problems within the current Big Bang theory, as well as offer ways to test the theory by looking for telltale cracks in the structure of the universe that would be produced in the process. 

Of course, that leaves open the question of where the universal condensate came from, and God only knows where that discussion will lead.


Back to blogging.  I still have not developed a steady readership, which is to be expected in a new blog.  So, I really wasn’t taking time off blogging lately, I was just prioritizing family and work, all the while building a tantalizing new idea for this blog and the upcoming election.  I fully expect to be back more actively blogging soon, with hopefully an idea in progress to help bring this blog to the next level. 

Jews for Romney

One of the biggest mysteries to me is the consistent support by Jewish voters for Democrats, who could, frankly, give a d*mn about Israel, while Republicans, like Mitt Romney, remain the staunchest of supporters for the threatened state of Israel.

Love or hate his politics, Romney’s vocal support for Israel as a contender for the world’s top job, has challenged the incumbent and many Americans to rediscover their own understanding of the United States’ special relationship with the Jewish state.

My theory is that liberalism has replaced Judaism as the religion of choice for far too many Jews.  Shame.  Not only are they wrong about whether liberalism works to accomplish the goals they desire (liberalism is demonstrably deficient in accomplishing those goals), but they are in fact furthering the goals of the staunchest opponents of a safe and stable Israel.  Shame.  Politics should never become your religion.  And you should never hold beliefs, political or religious, that have results that are so different from the promises you signed up for.  Liberalism has failed every place it was tried.  Every place.  Christianity and Judaism, the foundation of this country, have succeeded, because they recognize the God-given rights of man.  Liberalism substitutes the “needs” of society for those God-given rights.  And it fails.  Every time it is tried. 

My message to the Jewish vote is simple: it is time to recognize that liberalism is not a religion, and even if it was, it has failed.  Your actual religious views are better matched by supporting Republicans than by Democrats.  Period. 

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