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RightOnline Invigorates the Blogosphere

This is the first of several posts as I settle down for Fathers Day, back in the comfort of my home after a long and exciting weekend in Las Vegas at the RightOnline convention.  What an amazing event.  So much to talk about, but I will start wi...

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Live from RightOnline

Updating this from the Venetian, my old home away from home, at the RightOnline event.  Here’s a picture with Michelle Malkin at the book signing for her book Culture of Corruption.   Michelle was there along with the equally beautiful Katie Pav...

I am Andrew Breitbart

The conservative movement is intent on remembering how valuable Andrew Breitbart is to the movement. #IAmAndrewBreitbart If I was President, I would make a speech before a joint session of Congress, demanding that Bin Laden be delivered within 48 hours t...

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Rush’s tribute to Breitbart

In Memoriam

Andrew Breitbart, RIP

I wish I had more time right now to say more about the unexpected death of a great conservative fighter, Andrew Breitbart, who collapsed and passed away suddenly last night here in Los Angeles. I only met him once, and barely had a chance to speak to h...

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Knowing there are people out there who will vote for this guy is truly scary.  It’s the political equivalent of the Streetlight Effect.  Check out his “success story” in education, welfare and taxes, and his ACORN coverup. He tried to hide beh...



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