Another Drudge Juxtaposition


I wondered what it would take to get me to start posting again.  (And before you ask, think Tea Party and IRS.)

This was too good, and the timing is right for me to begin again.  Another fine Drudge Juxtaposition.  End of the Fake News (Jon Stewart), and End of the Real News (Brian Williams).   The obvious question is which is which?  Jon Stewart’s parodies seem more accurate than a lot of Brian William’s reporting.

A friend has passed. RIP Mike Levine

imageOne of my first employees, and later one of my closest friends, Mike Levine, has passed away.  Mike Levine filled every room he entered with life and laughter.  He left behind a loving family, and many friends.

Like everyone else who ever had the privilege of knowing Mike, I will miss him greatly.

Somewhere in Heaven, a show has started, and our loss is their gain.

Rest in peace, my friend.

I do not think that word means what you think it means

So, Obama wants us to believe he is running the most transparent government ever.  I do not think that word means what he thinks it means.

H/T Buzzfeed 


Too bad Obama never watched Andy Griffith

Yes, some things really are that simple

H/T Theo Spark

Obama Scandal Bracket

Too funny not to share.  H/T Theo Spark.

IRS Targeting Tea Party

I haven’t posted for a while, but this is an attack on my home.  There is an angle on this that I have not seen anyone else focus on. The initial position of the IRS on why they targeted the Tea Party was that they were responding to media reports complaining about Tea Party activities.  I found this on Hot Air:



The key quote is in the middle of all the redacted area:

“According to media reports, some organizations were classified as I.R.C. § 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations but operated like political organizations.”

According to the initial defense raised by the IRS, they were only responding to media reports critical of Tea Party activities.  Well, I sleep better at night knowing that the selection criteria for IRS attention is based on the media’s opinion.  Come off it!  The MSM hates the Tea Party, of course there are articles critical of their activities.  It is so typical of this administration to blame Republicans for everything.  In this case, their position is that the Republican base of the Tea Party brought this upon themselves by being politically active.

This scandal will continue to expand. If this was the best they could do for a starting defense, can you imagine how bad the truth really is?

Still Alive, Sort of Kicking

I just realized I have not been posting.  Well, ok, I knew I was not posting, but I just realized how long it has been.  I’m alive, just busy.  Plus, trying to figure out how to make this site relevant. 

And apparently, I am the only person in this country worried about business problems due to the economy.  Or, so my VP says.  H/T Drudge.

Taxes Explained

For all the parents out there, here is how to explain taxes to your kids.

Mourning in America

This is not what I hoped to wake up to.


Apparently, there are more whining dependent-class Democrats than crawl over broken glass Republicans.  Good to know.

Now the work begins.

Love the Drudge Juxtapositions

Here is today’s gem.


I wish I had more time to blog.  This has been a crazy good week for the Tea Party, and it looks like Romney is on his way to defeating Obama, so I’ll just tip my hat to the bloggers carrying the heavy load.  Thx everyone!



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